In response to new and changing industry requirements, Pronua introduced a new Alcohol-free gel option for use in our Hygiene Handles earlier this year. Food giants such as Princes and Key Foods were among the first to introduce this new variant into the handles they have installed with great results.

The alcohol-free Pure Hold Sanitising Gel was primarily aimed to be suitable for people with alcohol allergies as well as for those who cannot use alcohol for religious reasons. The gel still offers high levels of protection against bacteria (BS EN1276 & BS EN13727) and fungus (BS EN13624) effectively eliminating those organisms which typically represent the highest risk elements in food processing and production environments.

Specially formulated to be quick-drying and taste-free, the Pure Hold Alcohol-Free Sanitising Hand Gel leaves hands feeling clean and refreshed, with no sticky residue.

For further information, or to arrange a trial of the Pure Hold Hygiene Handle at your site please contact