This is a very worrying statistic as most school children don’t dry their hands properly after going to the toilet. It’s even more worrying, given that most children haven’t washed their hands properly in the first place.

It’s no wonder that schools suffer so much in the winter months, causing misery to parents, teachers and students. Failing to combat bugs results in higher costs, as expensive supply teachers have to be used to cover staff sickness and, of course, the health and education of pupils suffer.

As 80% of infections are spread by touch, it’s vital to enforce good hand hygiene. Fortunately, help is at hand. Installing Pure Hold Hygiene Handles ensures that all students sanitise their hands after using the toilet – overcoming the issue of wet hands and poor hand washing. They are proven to clean hands by 87% – helping reduce the spread of germs throughout your school

Also, despite every school allocating time to educate children about good hand hygiene, they simply don’t do what they have been told. This insight from teachers reinforced the need that something has to change if schools are to become healthier and reduce the frequency of children and teachers becoming victims of common infections. It also needs to change if schools are to reduce spending on expensive supply teachers.

The need for action is amplified by the core facts:

  • 80% of infections are spread by touch.
  • 99% of children do not clean their hands for long enough or thoroughly enough to remove infections.
  • We touch up to 300 surfaces every half an hour. 

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