Hand washing is certainly the most effective way to combat Norovirus, because the action of scrubbing your hands with running water helps remove the virus particles from your hands. The CDC recommend you “scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds (i.e. hum the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end twice”) to thoroughly wash your hands and remove bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately 99.9% of the population do not wash their hands in this way and are unlikely to ever do so.

This poses a massive problem when it comes to preventing the spread of Norovirus. It only takes a very small amount of norovirus particles (fewer than 100) to make you sick – far less particles than the flu or common cold. People with the norovirus illness shed billions of virus particles in their stool and vomit and hence the particles are often found in large quantities in public toilets.

Norovirus can stay on objects and surfaces and still infect people for days or weeks, making it very difficult to eradicate and highly likely to spread from person to person.
This is one of the key reasons that the CDC also recommend that “Alcohol-based hand sanitizers can be used in addition to hand washing”. Any remaining particles left on the users hand after hand washing can then be destroyed by the sanitiser. Lots of speculation still surrounds hand sanitiser and whether it can effectively kill Norovirus, but the Pure Hold alcohol hand sanitiser has been tested to EN 14476 against “Murine” Norovirus (a surrogate for human Norovirus) and successfully passed, proving it can effectively eradicate the virus.
If we really want to combat the spread of Norovirus, C-Diff and other infections; the best way would be to ensure that everyone wash their hands after visiting public restrooms and then sanitise as they leave. The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle is the perfect solution for this.

Guests are comforted and reassured by having the technology in place. Feedback from guests on cruise ships and various hotel groups have been extremely positive, with only praise being given for their introduction.
“I think passengers really appreciate that we put such a stress on the hygiene on our ship.”
Saga – Hotel Purchasing Manager

“It has now been over two weeks since we have had the hygiene handles installed in two toilets on Promenade deck, and I would like to give you some feedback on this. Overall I think is a very good product: we have not had even one guest negative comment, they seem to have received it well, no issues at all. It is a very easy item to maintain; we only had to refill one of the handles in Ladies toilet, and did that without problems. It also helps us a lot, as we can now discontinue using hand wipes, which was kind of a hassle for everybody.”
Saga – Housekeeping Manager

“Getting great feedback so far from the public”
Richard Garrett – General Manager – Daish’s Bournemouth Sands Hotel

“The handles are getting very positive reviews from the guests who all think they are fantastic.”
Sian Ellis – General Manager – Leisureplex Queens Hotel

“I visited the Hydro Hotel in Llandudno last week and I was very impressed with your “hygiene handle” and a number of our guests commented to the General Manager and I about how great they were too. Hence, I want to roll out the use of these handles throughout the hotel estate.”
Karen Sawbridge, Operations Director – Leisureplex Hotels Ltd

If you are still undecided, let us prove the technology with a free trial. Please contact us today on 01 8216000 / info@pronua.ie