Pronua is delighted to announce the introduction of a new product, which, along with the Hygiene Handle, assists with the reduction of surface cross-contamination. The NanoTouch is an innovative and simple product that utilises natural light to kill bacteria and viruses, thus assisting in the fight against the spread of germs on dirty surfaces.

The NanoTouch requires no complex installation or time-consuming upkeep; it needs only to be peeled off and stuck onto a surface to be primed and ready to make a difference.  The material uses “green” chemistry, with an oxidizing action that is more powerful than bleach but completely harmless. The unveiling of this new self-cleaning product is part of our commitment to improving hand hygiene across the board.

Ideal for push-plate doors, handles, hand rails and the multitude of additional places with which hands come into frequent contact, the NanoTouch is a simple and easy method of preventing cross-contamination in the workplace.

The NanoTouch has undergone extensive laboratory tests and field trials within healthcare and the food industry to analyse its effectiveness, with results providing a realistic indication of the tangible benefits in such facilities. In these tests clear reductions of harmful pathogens were found; ranging from 75% to 85%.

“This product was able to kill 100 percent of E. coli and P. aeruginosa, and 88 percent of MRSA after only one hour” Dr. Amr Saeb, head of biotechnology in King Abdulaziz University Research Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The plastic film is excellent- it does not decompose, tear or flake. Very strong indeed!” A leading Meat Processing Company.

The NanoTouch is a perfect complement to the Hygiene Handle as it can be adopted in places where the Hygiene Handle may be unsuitable, such as push-doors. This provides an opportunity for a two-pronged approach to combating pathogens and poor hand hygiene. This dual-focus can be achieved by installing the Hygiene Handle on the ‘pull side’ of doors and the NanoTouch on the opposite, push side of the same door.

Make today the day you make an even greater commitment to ensuring hand hygiene- take hold of hand cleanliness with the Pure Hold Hygiene Handle and NanoTouch.  

For further information, or to arrange a trial of the Pure Hold Hygiene Handle at your site please contact