Cleanroom contamination can be a major problem for companies and despite advances in technology, cleanroom cleaning and hygiene procedures; unwanted microorganisms often enter these controlled environments on staff hands – with a major source of the cross contamination coming from the cleanroom doors (in particulate the cleanroom door handles).  These touch points are used by thousands of staff each year so it’s no wonder that cross contamination is possible.

The Purehold range is able to minimise cleanroom contamination by ensuring that each person that enters through the cleanroom door has clean hands.     The Purehold range complements existing cleanroom cleaning procedures by ensuring that cross contamination at the point of entry is no longer an issue.

The Purehold range can be used on a number of doors, such as :

  • —Cleanroom doors (a final barrier to prevent pathogens entering the clinical processing area)
  • Gowning room doors (help minimise contamination coming into your clean area)
  • Toilet doors (help minimise pathogens from exiting the bathroom)
  • Micro lab doors (help prevent pathogens from coming out of your lab and into you clean area)
  • Main Facility / Building Entrance (help reduce pathogens from even entering the building)