Hospital hand hygiene is a major focus for the HSE and other healthcare institutions because its importance as an infection prevention technique is well researched and documented.  It is also increasingly a concern for anyone using shared commercial, retail and public buildings.

Dirty hands can routinely contaminate door handles and vice versa, spreading germs quickly.   To reduce germ transmission effectively, hands and the door handles they touch, must both be cleaned at the same time.  The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle achieves this in one elegant, effective design; and makes cleaning your hands effortless.

It is widely recognised that there is a growing need to improve standards of hand hygiene in hospitals to prevent the spread of infection and ultimately save lives. The Handle does NOT replace the need for ‘point of care’ hand hygiene (WHO 5 Moments) but is designed to be used in conjunction with it and reduce the risk of infections being brought in from the community and being spread between staff, patients and wards.


WHO’s 5 moments of hand hygiene is a critical and essential part of today’s healthcare system, but despite this infections such as flu and Norovirus regularly cause hundreds of lost bed days/closed wards each year. Quite simply, general hand hygiene compliance has to be encouraged to prevent the spread of these infections around the hospital and it needs to be undertaken by patients, visitors and staff alike.

Hand hygiene is an important issue in private hospitals and other healthcare environments such as clinics, surgeries, health centres, care homes and hospices where people may be particularly vulnerable.  It also increasingly applies to shared commercial, retail and public buildings where the frequency of cleaning your hands isn’t as good as hand hygiene in hospitals.

Norovirus, MRSA, Flu and other virus outbreaks can spread easily and rapidly through work places, public buildings and public toilets, because of poor hand hygiene and cross-contamination from surfaces such as door handles.


The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle has been designed to address the problem of hand hygiene in HSE hospitals and other buildings.  In trials, installation of the Pure Hold Hygiene Handle increased rates of compliance with hospital hand hygiene standards by over 700%!

Matthew Richardson, Senior Infection Prevention Nurse at Queen Alexandra NHS Hospital explains,

“What people may not realise is that potentially harmful bacteria exist everywhere, even in the community.  When we are healthy our immune systems help protect us but it is hugely important that we find ways to stop these bugs getting into hospital wards where there are vulnerable patients.  The Hygiene Handle is another useful tool to help us in our task of protecting patients”