Toilet hygiene and the cleanliness of toilet door handles is an important issue; not just in hospitals but in ALL public toilets and ALL types of shared buildings.  It is widely recognised that there is a growing need to improve standards of toilet hygiene and toilet door handles to prevent the spread of infection.

80% of infectious diseases are spread by touch, and yet studies show that :

  30% of the public do NOT wash their hands after going to the toilet 

 64% of the public who DO wash their hands, do NOT use soap 

 88% of the public do NOT wash their hands for long enough to kill germs (min. 20 seconds)

And since everyone must exit through the same public door, cleanliness of the toilet door handle is a key concern.

Dirty hands can routinely contaminate toilet door handles and vice versa, spreading germs quickly.  To reduce germ transmission effectively, hands and the toilet door handles they touch must both be cleaned at the same time.  The Purehold range achieves this in one elegant and effective design and differs from other hygienic door handles by not only offering the user a clean handle to touch, it also ensures sanitises that hands on exiting the room ensuring that no residual bacteria or viruses remain on your hands.

How often have you found yourself improvising ways to avoid touching a dirty door handle? 

Ever used your sleeve? Or a tissue?

Think of how much cleaner a Pure Hold Hygiene Handle is!

Flu and other virus outbreaks can spread rapidly through hospitals, work places and public buildings, because of poor toilet hygiene and cross contamination from surfaces such as toilet door handles. This is witnessed each winter season with severe outbreaks of Norovirus and C-Difficile hitting the headlines, both of which are spread primarily from poor hand hygiene within the toilet.

A few relevant quotes for you to consider why toilet hand hygiene is so important :

“Averaged out, the figures showed that more than one in four Britons had faecal matter on their hands “
[Dr Curtis, the director of the Hygiene Centre at the University of London, Source: The Sunday Times, November 17, 2008, Hannah Fletcher]

“33 per cent of surfaces in British homes covered in E. coli, faecal matter and other dangerous pathogens spread by dirty hands.”
[international study of seven countries conducted by the Hygiene Council in May, Source: The Sunday Times, November 17, 2008, Hannah Fletcher]

“Viruses can survive on human hands for several hours and may be spread by direct contact,” Given that we can touch up to 300 surfaces in half an hour, a person may easily pick up infections on their fingers by touching an infected object”
Professor John Oxford of the Royal London Hospital, Source: The Sunday Times. 10 May 2009.

“Bacteria adhere more readily to wet hands, increasing the risk of cross-contamination”
[Source: Publication – Hand hygiene in the dermatologist’s office:To wash or to rub? Michael J. Messina, MD,a Lindsey A. Brodell, BA,b Robert T. Brodell, MD,b,c,d and Eliot N. Mostow, MD, MPHc,d]

The Pure Hold Hygiene Handle has been designed to address the problem of hand hygiene in hospitals and other buildings.  In trials, installation of the Pure Hold Hygiene Handle increased rates of compliance with hospital hand-hygiene standards by over 700% so it’s a proven solution to an old age problem.