It is easy to forget that, with the end of Autumn, the usual bugs will start to circulate. Therefore, now is the time to start thinking about how to combat the germs that bring chaos to schools, causing misery to parents, teachers and students.

We appreciate that budgets are tighter than ever, but failing to combat bugs can actually result in higher costs, as expensive supply teachers have to be used to cover staff sickness and, of course, the health and education of pupils suffer. As 80% of infections are spread by touch, it’s vital to enforce good hand hygiene.

“Our sickness figures have dropped dramatically amongst the older children (where your handles are positioned). Your handles are great and worth every penny”  [Bersted Green Primary School]

It doesn’t take much for a virus to start spreading like wildfire. A study by microbiologist Charles Gerba from University of Arizona has found that germs on just one doorknob can help spread a virus, like the noroviruses that cause stomach flu, throughout an office building in just a few hours. Researchers purposely put samples of a harmless virus on surfaces like doorknobs, and then later that day they tested different objects in the building, like cell phones, computers, and desks. They found that the virus had travelled – and had been picked up by 40 to 60 percent of people in the building. Given this, it’s more important than ever to take proactive steps in a school environment to improve hand hygiene and reduce the frequency of children and teachers becoming victims of common infections.

Also, despite every school allocating time to educate children about good hand hygiene, they simply don’t do what they have been told. This insight from teachers reinforced the need that something has to change if schools are to become healthier and reduce the frequency of children and teachers becoming victims of common infections. It also needs to change if schools are to reduce spending on expensive supply teachers.

The need for action is amplified by the core facts:

  • 80% of infections are spread by touch.
  • 99% of children do not clean their hands for long enough or thoroughly enough to remove infections.
  • We touch up to 300 surfaces every half an hour. 

Since a supply teacher costs about the same for 1 day, as a Pure Hold handle for a whole year, a reduction in infections is likely save money.

From a cost perspective, hygiene handles make clear sense. Not only that, but supply teachers can have a negative impact on students because they are not familiar with each child’s ability –  therefore reducing their ability to help students with their studies effectively.

So, implementing the Pure Hold Hygiene Handle is likely to reduce your supply teacher costs AND create a healthier school! Please contact us today to discuss your requirements – and arrange a FREE trial. Telephone 01 8216000 or