New Products coming soon !

Watch this space for more information on the exciting new range of Purehold products that we will be launching this September.

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The Purehold PRO – Hygienic Door Handle

  A unique, revolutionary pull door hygiene handle that automatically dispenses sanitising gel onto the users hand. Designed for use in high-risk areas, The Purehold PRO is ideal for use in food processing plants, hospitals, clean rooms and all staff/ public toilets to ensure that hand hygiene is enforced. The concept of a sanitising door handle was originally developed in [...]

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NEW Innovative Purehold ECO Coming Soon

Purehold ECO products are coated with a silver-ions that kill 99.9% of bacteria*. Using silver technology, the coating combats pathogens deposited onto the surface by users and then works continuously, 24/7. Purehold ECO Pull An economic alternative to the Purehold PRO, the Purehold ECO is a self-cleaning antibacterial door [...]

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